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Acceptance of the general terms and conditions. By filling in and validating the order form, it is understood that the purchaser unreservedl accepts the General terms and conditions as stated below.
Order procedure

Every order placed through the webshop at Minestrone Cookbooks (, including subdomains), is regarded as final upon completion of the following steps described below. Every step is successively validated by ‘clicking’ on a confirmation button. If the purchaser wishes to amend part of his order, he will click on the appropriate link at the top of the page or on the ‘back’ button of his browser. With the final confirmation (step 3 = Minestrone shop, secured payment), the purchaser commits himself contractually.
a. Choice of product
With the ‘Buy now’ navigation the purchaser can obtain references for the books. From the results that the purchaser’s search has produced, the purchaser chooses one or more products that he wishes to purchase with the button ‘Shopping cart’.
b. Login

At the end of the procedure for selecting products, the purchaser must identify himself in order to purchase the saved items. The purchaser must register before his first purchase by filling in the appropriate fields of the aforementioned form. If an identification error is detected by the Web site, a failure notification will appear.
c. Payment

The purchaser is required to enter the number and date of validity of his credit card in the appropriate fields on the secured Minestrone Shop – secured payment page.
d. Delivery

The product will be delivered at the address given by the purchaser during the order procedure. Minestrone Cookbooks will process the order as soon as possible but will not be held responsible for possible delays in the processing or delivery of orders.
e. Confirmation

A Web page with details concerning the order placed by the purchaser will be made available for confirmation.

The information registered by the payment system at Minestrone Cookbooks provide the proof of the transactions.
Offer and price

The offer and prices are valid on the day of the purchaser’s visit to the Web site; these can be amended without prior notice. In the case of an order from a country outside the European Union, the purchaser is the importer of the product(s) in question. For all products shipped to countries outside the European Union and to overseas territories, the price on the invoice will automatically be calculated without taxes. Customs duties, other local taxes, import duties or government taxes may be claimable. These duties and sums are not covered by Minestrone’s authority. They must be borne by the purchaser and are his responsibility completely, both in terms of declaration as in terms of payment to the qualified authorities and/or organisations of the country in question. Minestrone advises the purchaser to obtain information from the qualified local authorities. With proviso of the article ‘VAT’, the prices at the end of the order procedure indicate the total amount including VAT due and possible shipping costs. All prices mentioned are in Euros.
The Minestrone Cookbooks product offer and prices are valid as long as they appear on the Web site and as long as stocks last. In the case of the unavailability of an item, the purchaser will be notified as soon as possible by email, phone or letter. The purchaser who has been notified of the unavailability of a product may cancel his order by contacting customer service. In any case, Minestrone Cookbooks cannot be held liable for damages resulting from the unavailability of an item.

The customer will receive the invoice by email upon receipt of the complete purchase amount.
Delivery times

Minestrone Cookbooks will process the order as soon as possible but will not be held responsible for possible delays in the processing or delivery of orders.

Unless mentioned otherwise, the prices on the Web site are inclusive of Belgian VAT. This VAT is payable by all non-liable consumers, residing or with a head office in a European Union country. This VAT is also liable by all liable consumers with a head office in Belgium. Liable consumers with a head office in another European Union country who wish delivery to their country will receive an invoice without VAT. It is up to them to declare this import, in observance of the tax laws of their country of residence. In any case, liable consumers are obliged to enter their VAT number when registering on the Web site. Minestrone reserves the right to postpone an order should this information not be given or should the number given be incomplete or incorrect. Deliveries outside the European Union are invoiced without VAT.
Shipping costs
Shipments to Belgium and The Netherlands are free for orders starting from €20,00. For orders below €20,00 the shipping costs will be calculated online at the moment of purchase. For shipments to other coutries, the shipping costs will be calculated online at the moment of purchase. Generally speaking, these costs are calculated according to a fixed amount per order and a variable amount depending on the number of items ordered.
Damage and loss

In accordance with the Belgian law of 14 July 1991 concerning sales practices and the protection of the consumer, the burden of risks of damage or loss comes down to the distance seller. The purchaser has the right to send back a product that has been damaged to Minestrone Cookbooks within 14 days upon receiving it. The product will then be replaced or the amount of the order  refunded within a period of 14 days upon receipt of the returned item. Minestrone Cookbooks reserves the right to refuse a refund of the returned products if these were damaged by the purchaser. If one or more ordered products do not arrive with the purchaser within a period of 30 days after confirmation of the order, at the given delivery address, the purchaser must contact Minestrone Cookbooks within a reasonable period of time to check the status of his order. If it appears that the order was carried out but got lost during delivery, Minestrone will send a replacement order or proceed to refund the order.
Right of cancellation

In accordance with the Belgian law of 14 July 1991 concerning sales practices and the protection of the consumer, the purchaser, in his capacity as a consumer, has a period of 14 working days starting from the date of delivery of the order, to announce his desire to cancel the purchase. This notification of cancellation may be done by email or registered letter. The purchaser will return the cancelled product(s) within 3 working days after sending the email or registered letter announcing the cancellation. Minestrone Cookbooks will refund the order in question upon receipt of the returned product(s), insofar as the product(s) in question are in perfect condition. The shipping costs for returning the product(s) will be borne by the purchaser, except in the case of a non-compliant order.

All orders placed through Minestrone Cookbooks Web sites will be paid by credit card through a secure server.
Disclaimer – Limitation of liability

Minestrone will not be liable for any damage resulting from the use of its Web site, including direct or indirect damage.
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