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Minestrone - Nieuws


Met Het Gerecht Plantaardig leer je smaakvol en makkelijk plantaardig koken. Koop nu en maak kans op een interactieve lunch met veganchef Pieter-Jan Lint.
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Magirus Portfolio Magazine is a new and inspiring culinary magazine. This issue is about an encounter between the works of Baroque painter Frans Snijders and food photographer Tony Le Duc
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With x from Serax
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Cokeryen Photo - Film - Food,  Frans Snijders & Tony Le Duc


Still lifes in painting and photography often make use of similar qualities and techniques, such as lighting and composition.

Magirus #0 Frans Snijders x Tony Le Duc

MAGIRUS: New and inspiring culinary magazine

'Magirus' is derived from the Greek word for 'cook' and became the name of this brand new inspiring culinary magazine. A photographic account of a prominent figure from the gastronomic world, a food artisan or a historical figure.

Food + Design

Food + Design

A beautiful table, a delicious meal and 15 interesting people. Leaf through the book 'Food + Design'.

Food + Design

Food + Design

Designer label Serax and Minestrone Cookbooks have created an inspirational book for and about lovers of food and design.
Gourmand awards

Gourmand World Cookbook Awards

Minestrone Cookbooks received 7 nominations when it entered the “Gourmand Best in the World 2014” awards.

Desire Sergio Herman - Reflections of a top chef

Chronicle of Sergio Herman’s final year at Oud Sluis, a reissue in pocket format.
World cookbookbook award - best in the world

Best in the world - Gourmand Cookbook Awards

Minestrone has won the prestigious international award for "Best Cookbook Publisher of the Year".