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Magirus #0

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Magirus #0 is about an encounter between the works of baroque painter Frans Snijders (1579-1657), food photographer Tony Le Duc (1961-present) – two masters of the culinary still life – and a 400-year-old cookbook. 

This portfolio Magazine contains a magazine with large-sized photographs by Tony Le Duc, a booklet with 15 contemporary interpretations of baroque dishes and a gastronomic city map with 15 restaurants where you can taste these delicacies.

'Magirus' is derived from the Greek word for 'cook'

Le Duc’s warmly coloured still lifes are composed in chiaroscuro. Worthy of the Baroque, they sometimes feature half decaying flowers or herbs, or perhaps an artichoke depicted as a ruler. In other instances, lifeless poultry still wearing feathers, a goat’s head that looks you in the eye, a fly drinking pig’s blood. Baroque 2018.

Jozef Schildermans
Hilde Sels
Hildegard Van de Velde
Tony Le Duc
978 94 90028 89 3