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Magirus #0 Frans Snijders x Tony Le Duc

MAGIRUS: New and inspiring culinary magazine

Magirus Portfolio Magazine

'Magirus' is derived from the Greek word for 'cook' and became the name of this brand new inspiring culinary magazine. A photographic account of a prominent figure from the gastronomic world, a food artisan or a historical figure.


Magirus #0 is about an encounter between the works of baroque painter Frans Snijders (1579-1657), food photographer Tony Le Duc (1961-present) – two masters of the culinary still life – and a 400-year-old cookbook. 


This portfolio Magazine contains a magazine with large-sized photographs by Tony Le Duc, a booklet with 15 contemporary interpretations of baroque dishes and a gastronomic city map with 15 restaurants where you can taste these delicacies.

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